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Fruits and nuts add a touch of regality to the spread, and we pride ourselves in making that experience, special for you. Ambrosia specialises in superior quality walnuts and almonds, that are specially sourced from the gardens of Kashmir and California. We stand for the finest in nuts, dry fruits, seeds and beyond, sourced from the best origins across the globe and processed for each palate with the utmost care. Whether it be retaining the choicest flavour and best nutritional value in each piece, or supplying to a variety of clientele from food processing units and retailers to individual consumers, Ambrosia’s commitment to its wholesome, organic values is legendary. We are in the business of creating healthy culinary experiences through our wide range of handpicked nuts and dry fruits. Available in a wide range of forms and volumes, walnuts and dried fruits from Ambrosia give you the best bang for your buck.


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