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What is munakka?

Munakka is basically made by drying grapes. It is much bigger in size compared to kishmish and it also consists of seeds. Munakka is great for women’s health. If you are even consuming 2-3 pieces of munakkas every day then you will start experiencing a health boost in your body. 

How is munakka different from kishmish?

People basically get confused between munakkas and kishmish. Munakkas are basically known as dry grapes whereas kishmish are known as the general raisins. The main differences between munakka and kishmish are as follows.

  1. Kishmish is seedless whereas munakkas contain seed.
  2. Both kishmish and murakkas are sweet in taste, but munakkas are pulpier than kishmish.
  3. Kishmish is slightly yellowish-green in color but munakkas are brown in color.
  4. Munakkas are much healthier compared to kishmish.

Nutrition in munakka

Munakkas consists of a great amount of calories ranging from about 350-354 Kcal. It also consists of carbohydrate 86%, almost no fat, hence, making it a great food for people with heart problems.

But diabetic patients should consult their dietician before consuming munakka, as munakka is also rich in sugar. Munakka consists of 2.3 gram protein and is also rich in iron. It is full of nutrients required by your body.

10 health benefits of munakka

1. A great medicine for curing acidity

If you are someone who is frustrated with acidity and gastritis then eating munakkas will help you. Munakkas play a major role in curing acidity.

Soak munakkas in water overnight and then drink the water in the morning along with the munakkas. This cures your acidity.

2. Cures constipation

Most diseases are caused by an unhealthy digestive system. If you have constipation, or regular acidity and gastritis then you should regularly consume munakkas. Munakkas consists of high amount fibers that help in maintaining bowel movements and ultimately cures constipation.

3. Prevents anemia

Recently, a lot of women are suffering from anemia, due to the loss of iron in the blood. Munakka is rich in Iron and Vitamin B. Consuming munakka every day maintains the iron content in your blood thus preventing anemia.  

4. Strengthens your bone

Munakka is rich in calcium and boron. Thus, munakka if eaten regularly strengthens your bones and fulfills the calcium requirement of your body. Chances of developing osteoporosis go down.

Munakkas are also rich in potassium and magnesium. This helps in regulating acidity levels and the removal of harmful toxins from the body. Munakkas also play a major role in removing kidney stones.

5. Munakkas for hair

If you have dandruff in your hair then you should consume munakkas. Drinking munakka water regularly will slowly reduce your dandruff. It will also help you to increase the strength of your hair.

6. Helps in weight gain

If you are way too slim and want to gain weight and mass then munakkas should be your natural choice. There are several mass gainers and weight gainers available in the market but if you want an ayurvedic way to gain weight, go for munakkas. Eating munakka daily with milk will increase your digestion power as well as your weight.

7. Prevents cold and cough

Munakkas if consumed regularly acts as a shield against foreign viruses and bacteria. It increases your immunity power. This is highly efficient for kids with seasonal colds and coughs. Munakkas produce mild heat in the body, as a result, it plays a major role in curing flu and cold.

8. Increases your brain power

Daily consumption of soaked munakkas will provide you with a sharp increase in brainpower. It helps in increasing your memory power and brain strength. Hence it is greatly recommended for children and students.

9. For lowering blood pressure

Munakkas when consumed releases nitric oxide into your body. Nitric oxide lowers your blood pressure level and helps you develop a good heart. 

10. Other health benefits

Munakkas consist of certain phenolic compounds such as risperidone, flavonoids, and anthocyanin which provides munakkas with several properties

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant properties

How to eat munakkas?

You can eat munakkas basically in every other way. The best ways to eat munakka for its efficient health benefits are as follows

  1. The best way is to soak munakka in water overnight and have the water as well as the munakka in the morning. 
  2. You can mix munakkas in milk and drink. This will provide you with more nutrients.
  3.  If your body lacks iron and calcium then mix munakkas in honey and eat it every day. This will treat your iron and calcium deficiency in the body.
  4. You can even make a paste of murakkas and apply it to your joints, to prevent pain. This is highly efficient in cases of arthritis because munakkas consist of anti-inflammatory properties.

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