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You would have seen this spice in almost every major dish prepared at your home. And it is so for a reason – the benefits of cardamom are immense. Cardamom also known as elaichi in India, It is a highly fragrant spice from India which has gone on to become a must have ingredient in Indian cuisine and most sweets. Part of an ancient Indian heritage, choti elaichi as cardamom is commonly known as, has in its list a plethora of health benefits it is capable of extending to the human body. Cardamom is widely known to help detoxify the body, aid in weight loss, fight depression, boost the immune system and alleviate hypertension among many other benefits.

What Is Cardamom?

The spice is native to India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Indonesia but Indian verity is considered the best in the world. Cardamom is a small seed pod, having a papery exterior with small black seeds on the inside. It’s called the Queen of Spices; cardamom is the world’s third most expensive spice known the world over for its rich aromatic culinary properties. Cardamom is used as a flavoring ingredient in drink, food and sweets. Cardamom has a minty flavor when consumed raw and is thus attributed as an efficient way to tackle with bad breath. Used widely in Ayurveda as an herb.

The Different Types Of Cardamom?

Green and black cardamom – the two major types.

Green cardamom, also known as true cardamom, is the commonest variety. This is distributed from India to Malaysia.

  • It is used to flavor both sweet and savory dishes.
  • It is also added to rich curries and milk-based preparations for its fragrance.
  • Tea and coffee are also spiced with cardamom.

Nutritional Value of Cardamom

Let check out some nutrition information of cardamom. It is highly rich in manganese in addition to iron, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, riboflavin, etc. Oils like pinene, sabinene, phellandrene, terpinene, linalool, myrcene, etc. also form a major composition in cardamom.

These oils though highly volatile are a major factor for various health benefits cardamom. These oils render antioxidant properties, help improve digestion & stimulate metabolism.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cardamom?

Let check out the benefits of eating cardamom daily for your health, you can use cardamom in different from, it is available in powder, cardamom oil, water, and tea. Cardamom offers Ayurvedic properties which help in balancing doshas. You can easily find cardamom in your local market. Both Green and black cardamom are popular and used in hundreds of Indian dishes.

Cardamom benefits for males in various terms and drinking cardamom water at night can more beneficial if you are thing about losing some weight. Consuming cardamom is good for health.

You can include cardamom in your diet as you usually do or even take cardamom milk (also called elaichi milk) to avail the wondrous benefits.

1. Improves Digestive Health.

2. Cardamom for body detoxification.

3. Cardamom as breath freshener.

4. Cardamom benefits for weight loss.


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